Wake up to a beautiful life

A majority of people spend their lives in survival mode, lacking control over their destiny, yet every day is an opportunity to make a remarkable change. In 2017, Artistic Painting & Home Design was founded with one central vision: to bring solace to passionate and busy people. If you’re ready to regain control of your personal space, we’re ready to help you win back your life, reveal the beauty of your environment, renew your self-determination, and revive your unique vision. We are at your service.

Our Promise to You

All of our clients receive our full confidentiality promise and satisfaction guarantee at competitive prices.

About Our Team

In 2017, Charlotte-based mother Marie Jackson and her son, Brandon Thompson, combined their life purposes of serving others. They founded Artistic Painting & Home Design LLC, a fully insured company specializing in home organization services, interior painting, and exterior painting for residential and commercial clientele.

In the winter of 2016, co-founder and lead artist Brandon Thompson shared his dream of owning a business specializing in painting and craftsmanship with his mother. After several years of working in commercial property management, Brandon felt he had plateaued. Thinking of his long-deferred dream, he asked Marie, “If not now, when?” The question started Brandon and Marie down a live-changing path. Brandon has been drawn to home improvement since he was four years old, when he would “go to work” long days in the home garden of his neighbor, Mr. Otis. His vivid imagination and strong work ethic led his mentors to encourage him to pursue an artistic career. He has completed apprenticeships in academic and professional settings and enjoys working with clients on all steps of the painting process, down to the finest details that many others miss.

Company co-founder and lead stylist Marie Jackson moved to Charlotte, North Carolina from Buffalo, New York in 2015 to be closer, to her family. From a young age, Marie had an eye for order and a passion for hands-on organizing. Marie believes each of us are here to help one another. She spent years searching for how to best serve others. One autumn day, standing in the craft room of her Charlotte home, Marie had an epiphany. Suddenly, her life’s purpose was crystal clear: bring order and beauty into people’s lives. Marie embraces the words of Elsie de Wolfe as her guide: “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.” Her gift for organization has enabled her to thrive as a working mother and now grandmother. She knows it’s meant to help you too.

After building one of Charlotte’s most rapidly growing professional painting and organization businesses, Brandon and Marie of Artistic Painting & Home Design are ready to serve you. They can make your vision of a beautiful life a reality.